Apart from scientific and business writing, I also write via some other channels.


I answer questions from time to time on Quora. Some of it is about my work, and some of it is not so serious. Several things I have written have been featured in the wider press, as seen on the left. You can search for the various articles here.

If you have a question for me that might also be of general interest, just ask me on Quora. On my Quora profile, you can find my answers to questions on a variety of topics including the following:

My post about the fictional cost of saving Matt Damon was the first to go viral, at the end of 2015. A few days later, in response to many questions and requests for interviews, I posted a follow-up article on Medium with a (slightly) detailed calculation. Later on, the actor himself was asked about it on a breakfast TV show. My short account of what happened is here. Some other posts were also popular, covering hypothetical topics such as the cost of building Star Wars spaceships, the extra money Tom Cruise makes by running in his movies, etc.

Other Collaborations

Currently I am collaborating with the Los Angeles-based artist Shana Mabari. Her book Space: A Collection of Essays and Images, for which I contributed a short chapter, was released in early 2020. I also contributed to her follow-up book entitled Oceans, which was published in 2022.