Apart from scientific and business writing, I also write via some other channels.


I answer questions semi-regularly on Quora. Some of it is about my work, and some of it is not so serious. Several things I have written have been featured in the wider press, as seen on the left. You can search for the various articles here.

If you have a question for me that might also be of general interest, just ask me on Quora. On my Quora profile, you can find my answers to questions on a variety of topics including the following:

My post about the fictional cost of saving Matt Damon was the first to go viral, at the end of 2015. A few days later, in response to many questions and requests for interviews, I posted a follow-up article on Medium with a (slightly) detailed calculation. Later on, the actor himself was asked about it on a breakfast TV show. My short account of what happened is here.

Other Collaborations

Currently I am collaborating with the Los Angeles-based artist Shana Mabari. Her book Space: A Collection of Essays and Images, for which I contributed a short chapter, was released in early 2020. A new book entitled Oceans will be launched in 2022.